Two Call Monday for GMFC
By Glen Moore Fire Company
June 5, 2018

On Monday 6/4/2018, the fire company was dispatched for two separate calls. The first dispatch occurred at 6:40pm and was for an Automatic Fire Alarm at a facility in our local. Deputy 48 and Engine 48-1 made a response. Upon arrival, it was determined that the alarm was set off by an individual at a pull station and there was no emergency.

Later that evening at 9:50pm, the fire company was dispatched for a fuel spill at the Peter J. Camiel Service Plaza along the PA Turnpike. Deputy 48 and Assistant 48 arrived on scene and determined that it was diesel fuel that spilled near a pump. Engine 48-1 and Containment 48 made a response. Crews set up booms to protect a storm drain then applied oil dry to assist with soaking up the fuel. The situation was then turned over to plaza management.

Units: Deputy 48; Assistant 48; Engine 48-1;Containment 48