Weekly Training – Basic First Aid
By Glen Moore Fire Company
June 14, 2018

On Wednesday evening, the volunteers of GMFC gathered for training in Basic First Aid. Lt. Jim Werner from the Uwchlan Ambulance Corps (Station 87) led the training. The volunteers received instruction on to how to respond to various medical emergencies. Topics covered included: patient and scene assessment; injuries and traumatic emergencies; environmental emergencies; and how to recognize shock. The attendees also received hands-on training with bandaging and controlling bleeding; splinting; and using an epi-pen. The members of GMFC would like to thank Lt. Jim Werner for taking the time to teach this class.

During the training, the company responded to two emergency calls. The EMT’s responded to call involving a sick person at a local facility. The second call was an automatic fire alarm at a different facility. Assistant 48 and Engine 48-1 made a response. Upon arrival, it was determined that the alarm was set off by an individual at a pull station and there was no emergency.

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