Ladder training and a QRS call
By Glen Moore Fire Company
September 6, 2018

Last evening for their weekly training, the volunteers from GMFC received a refresher on ladder operations. Crew members trained on ground ladder placement and how to properly raise ground ladders. GMFC was then joined by Ladder 69 (Twin Valley Fire Department). The Glen Moore Fire Company does not operate an aerial apparatus so we rely on our neighboring fire companies to respond with ladder trucks when needed. Fortunately, three of our five neighboring companies have aerial devices to assist with covering our response area. Members had the opportunity to learn about the positioning of ladder trucks; how to raise and lower the stabilizing jacks; and then had the opportunity to climb the ladder.

The volunteers would like to thank Chief Engineer Josh Spangler and his crew from Station 69 for assisting us with this training and learning experience.

During the training, the volunteer EMT's from the Glen Moore Fire Company were dispatched for a medical call at a facility in our first due area. They made the response with Squad 48 and provided patient care until the ambulance crew and paramedic arrived.