Four Call Saturday
By Glen Moore Fire Company
April 22, 2019

The volunteers at GMFC were dispatched for 4 calls on Saturday.

The day started at 3:30am when the company was dispatched to assist Station 35 (Wagontown Fire Company) with a working house fire. Engine 48-5 made a response. Crews provided water and assisted with fire suppression. Engine 48-1 also made the response and were directed to set up a fill site at a hydrant near Hurricane Hill Farm to fill tankers. Crews cleared the scene at 6:09am.

At 8:37am, GMFC was dispatched for an auto accident on the PA Turnpike. Engine 48-1 prepared to make a response but was recalled as no emergency services were needed.

At 5:51pm, the QRS unit was dispatched for an unknown medical emergency. The EMT's made a response and provided patient care.

At 7:43pm, crews were then dispatched for a three-car auto accident. Engine 48-1, Squad 48, and Brush 48 made the response. Crews assisted with patient care and traffic control.