Weekly Training - Engine Company Operations
By Glen Moore Fire Company
October 26, 2023

On Wednesday evening, crews gathered for their weekly training. This week the focus was on engine company operations. Crews practiced these skills in an acquired structure on the Devereux property. Devereux has graciously allowed the fire company to use the structure for training for a number of years.

The scenario for the evening was a structure fire. Depending on the evolution, the simulated fire was located in various rooms in the house. Crews trained on multiple skills such as apparatus position and water supply. Upon entering the driveway, the engine dropped the 5" supply line to simulate a connection to the next pumper/tanker for water supply.

Interior crews then deployed the 1 3/4" hose line to begin interior operations. One firefighter used the Halligan bar to simulate forcible entry on the front door. Crews then advanced the hose line through the house to extinguish the simulated fire. As additional resources arrived, crews laddered the building and assisted with other tasks.